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Top 3 Picks - Photo Editing Apps

With camera phones taking high quality pictures like never before, posting photos to your social media accounts have never been easier.

Finding the best photo editing apps however, can be tricky. There are literally hundreds of photo editing apps that claim to be the best and I have tried them all. These 3 apps are my ultimate favorite for quick on-the-go photo editing. Here is why:

1. Lightroom Mobile

  • Gives you the most control to select and edit almost anything in one app.

  • Allows you to save presets to give a consistent look to your photos with one click.

  • Connects to Adobe Cloud allowing you to export to other editing apps in the Adobe suite.

2. PicsArt

  • A fun app that allows you to make creative pictures with almost an endless amount of filters and effect options

  • Artistic filters take pictures to fantasy level imagery

  • Mask features allow for total control of special effects

3. A Color Story

  • A perfect app for beginners giving an introduction to photo editing with user friendly design

  • Simple filters allow for quick photo editing that gives that little extra something to everyday photos

  • Grid feature allows for layout all of Instagram photos and can even schedule your posts for you.

When I don't have access to desktop photo editing tools i.e Adobe Creative, I love to combine all three of these apps to give me the look I want posting to social media on the go. Quick. Easy. Effective.

Share your favorite pictures using any of our top 3 picks or tag us in your posts @thesocialrecruit


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